Affiliate and Group Plans

Why buy these videos?

Lisa created these videos with resellers and other technicians in mind. Most companies sell products and services, but leave training to their customers to figure out on their own. These videos were created with very little branding of Lisa’s personal business so others could buy them and offer to their clients without worrying about their clients calling her.  Disclaimer…there are 2 videos (the Exchange videos) that Lisa did use her own domain, but felt she moved swiftly enough your client should not be confused.

Who should sell these videos?

  • Companies who are upgrading clients from Outlook 2010 to 2013/2016
  • Companies who are migrating clients who are new to Microsoft Exchange
  • Companies who work with Outlook (web design, website hosts,etc)
  • Anyone who wants to just give their clients some “bonus” with their sales and services, or help finalize a sale. See the sales opportunities below

Sales Opportunities

  • Buy one time or resell
    • You are allowed to host on your own secured server or website hosting
      • Sell at any prices you wish to your own clients to earn revenue
      • Give away to your clients as a bonus, without a fee. It’s a nice addition to finalize a migration sale.
      • You are not allowed to sell online or download to torrents, share with other companies
  • Affiliate Sales (best deal for break/fix!)
    • If you are not managing services, you can sign up as an affiliate and put these videos in your newsletters, on your websites, in your social media, on signage in stores. Payout is a generous 50%.

More things to consider…

  • Some techs have expressed fears in teaching their clients and that the clients will know too much and not call. You cannot lose money on offering training for clients. Most people cannot retain the over 100 topics I cover and will not spend the time to go find it in the video a year later, they will call you back to help.
  • You should not lose money by training. These videos are training, not training clients to troubleshoot so there is no fear they will become “Outlook technicians”
  • Not many companies offer training so you can get an edge on your competition. While I cannot guarantee two companies in the same city or area cannot buy, the chances are slim. Get ahead of the competition!

To sign up as an affliate, fill out this form

To buy one time or resell, please email Lisa@outlooktraining (dot) biz

Quotes will be discussed. Thanks!